Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.

I have trained with Alex for several years in Israel. He was one of the most talented instructors I had a chance to work with and developed tough Krav Maga fighters. I am proud to have him represent KMI in the United States.

– Ran Nakash, Former Chief Instructor for Krav Maga, Israel Defense Forces

The Krav Maga training that I have received from Alex is simply unparalleled. He is an excellent and personable teacher, as well as a formidable practitioner, which is a very rare combination. The skills and mindset that he provided me with have proven themselves to be invaluable more times than I can count in my professional life as a soldier and security contractor, and in my competitive martial arts career. I am proud to call myself his student and friend. 

– Sgt. J. Mintz, Reconnaissance Unit, Israel Defense Force

I have known Alex for some time now as a fighter and a friend. He has an incredible work ethic and he is a one of a kind trainer. If you get the chance to train with him, you should take it… 100% 

– Michael Katsidis “The Great”, 2x WBO Lightweight Boxing World Champion

Alex is one of the most professional instructors I have worked with. He has taught everyone from civilians to elite military units. If you want high level Krav Maga instruction in the U.S., see Alex. 

– Danny Netzer, Chief Instructor for Krav Maga, Israel Defense Force

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