Self Defense for Kids

Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.

Krav Maga Academy is proud to offer new self defense classes for kids in San Diego.  We have created a special program for young kids and teens to teach the basics of martial arts along with fitness and other skills.  If you are interested in signing your child or children up, please read about the courses below and fill out the form.

Self Defense Classes for Kids & Teens in San Diego

Self Defense for Kids in San Diego

Kids Self Defense Program – Ages 6 – 13

The kids self defense program is the ideal program for kids to gain the confidence and skills necessary to protect themselves common problems such as bullying. The program differs from our adult program in that in focuses on the specific issues children will be facing. Once a child reaches the age of 14 their conflicts tend to resemble adult conflicts. Children will typically encounter other children who are attempting to bullying, assault, or intimidate them. Thus the curriculum aims to deal with these issues specifically.

We work to develop skill sets that will meet problems with minimum use of potentially harmful force. No child should be using debilitating strikes to deal with a classmate or school yard bully. Thus the program will prioritize safe distance management, de-escalation, clinching, grappling, and safe submissions which can be used to safely resolve a child’s conflict with another child.

Students will learn:


Self Confidence

Task Focus


Physical Fitness

Our program has a ranking system using belts. Each belt has four stripe levels which are earned after attendance in 15 classes. This structure helps students learn that putting in the work is the only thing that leads to promotion and reward.

The instructor student ratio is kept low so that each child receives individual attention in every class. Every class includes coordination and physical fitness exercises, every student will be expected to put in their personal best effort in every class. Students will line up and bow at the beginning and end of each class and shake the instructors hands as well as the hands of all other participants in the class.

*We offer a free trial for anyone interested*

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  • Judo
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