At Krav Maga Academy San Diego we offer the best self defense classes in San Diego. We offer a well rounded integrated combatives program designed for anyone to learn and use effectively. Our curriculum is a highly structured program with clear goals and easy to follow lessons.

Self defense class in San Diego - Krav Maga Academy

Our Self Defense Classes Aren’t Like the Others

Our self defense classes incorporate grappling, striking, and use of common objects all with the core principles of Krav Maga in mind. This isn’t just a martial arts class where you learn technique after technique, we cover de-escalation, situational awareness, and add human anatomy and trauma medicine into our classes to prepare you for the reality of a violent confrontation.

Our self defense classes are not “one size fits all”. We keep the instructor to student ratio low so you will get individual attention from instructors who will help you mold your skills to work for you; your body type, experience, and size.

Self Defense Classes For All Levels

Students in Self Defense Classes in San Diego - Krav Maga AcademyIn our beginner self defense program you will cover 26 different lessons focusing on the raw necessities for unarmed combat. These technical sessions will build your knowledge of your body, ability to move efficiently, and help prepare you psychologically for the stress of a violent encounter.

After the Beginner requirements have been completed you will be eligible for the Intermediate/Advanced level which will put great focus on armed attacker and multiple attacker scenarios. You will learn more advanced methods for approaching unarmed conflict and use more advanced striking and grappling to incapacitate opponents.

Come see why our self defense classes in San Diego are the best. Instructors with subject matter experience, professional curriculum and presentation, friendly environment, and realistic training.


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