The Necessity of Cross Training: Krav Maga and Self Defense

Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.

The Necessity of Cross Training: Krav Maga and Self Defense


Why Other Self Defense Disciplines Help Your Krav Maga Training

We are often asked about cross training. Our answer is pretty obvious in that we offer high quality training in grappling and striking in addition to our Krav Maga program. We also routinely bring in outside experts to help in areas like working with knives and edged weapons. However allow me to expand further.

Krav Maga Class is For Testing Your Skills

A critical error in traditional Krav Maga training was that most Krav Maga gyms only offered Krav Maga, and that in Krav Maga they were forced to split training time between things like striking, grappling, fitness, training with edged weapons, scenario training, etc… This left the training very unfocused and resulted in a system that produced people lacking all the fundamental skills of unarmed combat.

Combat Submission Wrestling and STX Kickboxing are Your Friends

The Krav Maga class is where skills built from grappling and striking come to be put into the context of “realistic” simulations of violent conflict. If I as an instructor have 1 hour to training someone on how to defend a punch in a street confrontation, I would like to spend as little time on the technical aspect as possible and much more time working through things like pre-violence indicators, psychological reactions to stress, uneven footing, verbal clues, and likely responses an attacker will have to the trauma I will inflict.

Don’t Waste Valuable Training Time Re-Learning Things

If the class is spent dealing with exclusively technical elements, less time is spent on the make or break factors that I listed above. This is the critical difference between our approach at KMA San Diego and the approach of more traditional Krav Maga schools. They tend to treat Krav Maga as a closed system from where all your technical education about fighting will come from. Leaving aside the fact that most Krav Maga instructors do not put in sufficient time to develop these skills themselves, let alone teach them.
What a Krav Maga class should really be is a place where technical skills honed in classes specifically for technical training are tested in a crucible where realistic violence is simulated to the best of the instructor and trainee’s ability.

Realistic Self Defense Must Be Tested, Not Rehearsed

When one realizes this very critical fact about training for “realistic” violence, one can see that cross training is the very foundation of developing a well round student who is now able to exploit the value of a combatives training class like Krav Maga. If you train at KMA San Diego take advantage of our grappling and striking classes, if you train elsewhere and do not have in house expertise on these matters, go outside and seek them out. It will certainly benefit you to develop these skills and allow to gain more from your Krav Maga training than you ever thought possible.

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