man using krav maga to defend and attack during ax attackAt Krav Maga Academy we offer training for any level. Whether you’re a seasoned law enforcement professional or just looking for a great Krav Maga youth program, KMA is for you. We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to each individual’s skill level, not a generic 50-person class. Our instructors have taught at every level around the world and they’re hand picked based upon their expertise. The training you’ll receive at KMA is unlike any other Krav Maga gym in San Diego.

In addition to our regular classes, we offer special seminars for finely tuned Krav Maga training across a variety of disciplines. From military and VIP protection, to combat shooting and defensive driving, our seminars will teach you key techniques for a wide range of real life scenarios. Find more information about these seminars toward the bottom of the page and be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest seminars and updates.

Krav Maga Fundamentals

This is a short 30 minute class which will cover the absolute basics of hand to hand combat. There will be no live opponents or specific self defense techniques. This class will familiarize you with the most basic skills necessary to understand the positions and movements that occur in unarmed close quarters combat. There are 12 topics covered including; the 5 basic positions of grappling, break falls, standing safely, stance and movement, the 6 basic punches, and basic clinching. New students are expected to attend this class at the same time they are training in Krav Maga 1. This class is also a good primer if you feel you are encountering difficulty in the Krav Maga 1 class.

Krav Maga 1

This class is an introduction to Krav Maga, self defense, and fighting. The beginner cycle of classes consists of 26 fundamental techniques of Krav Maga, self defense, and fighting skills. You will cover between 1 and 3 in each class. The class will begin with a warm up focusing on functional fitness and key movements, it will then move into technique review then introducing new techniques, and will be followed by a short fitness session. The techniques at this level will include, stance and movement, basic striking, basic clinching, simple takedowns, essential grappling skills, and defenses against all of these as well as grabs holds, and various types of common armed and unarmed assaults.

After you have completed each of the beginner level techniques 3-4 times you will be eligible for a Level 1 (Yellow Belt) assessment that will consist of 3 parts.

  1. Technical performance of the 26 basic techniques of self defense.
  2. Light sparring and fighting drills (no striking to the head).
  3. Physical fitness assessment (scaled for age and any injuries).

After completing the beginner cycle of training and successfully passing your level assessment you will be eligible to attend the Krav Maga 2 (Int/Adv) class which will be the next level in your development as a fighter.

Required Gear:

  • Workout Attire
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Mouth Guard

(All necessary gear is available for purchase or rental at the gym)

Krav Maga 2: Intermediate/Advanced

In the intermediate class you will review the 26 basic techniques as a warm up then be introduced to more stress including a combative opponent. You will also be introduced to more advanced attacks and threats with a focus on armed attackers, as well as multiple attackers. The class will include light contact fighting to begin your inoculation to the stress of real world violence. This class will push your physical and psychological comfort zone to prepare you for a real encounter with violence.

During your time in Intermediate/Advanced Krav Maga we strongly recommend your regular attendance at Basic Krav Maga classes to continue to develop your essential skill sets for fighting.

Required Gear:

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Guards
  • MMA/Grappling Gloves
  • Mouthpiece
  • Groin Guard
  • Head Gear

Source Arts:

  • Krav Maga
  • Western Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Catch Wrestling

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