Krav Maga Law Enforcement Seminar

Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.

Krav Maga Law Enforcement Seminar

Law enforcement seminar photoSeminar I – Krav Maga Techniques 

The first seminar will cover Krav Maga techniques for take down and restraint of combative individuals and weapon retention. This will be presented in the context of the use of force continuum. Take down and restraint techniques will be taught as an individual concept as well as a patrol/partner scenario, and finally as a team concept.

Seminar II – CQB / CQC & Self-aid / Buddy Aid Seminar

The second seminar will cover the use of combatives in the CQB/CQC (tactical) environment as well as self-aid/buddy aid in the event of catastrophic injury. This will focus on combatives techniques with both pistol and rifle in close quarters and will introduce you to the concept of “integrated combatives distance” protocols for weapon retention and use of force. Final simulations will cover team and individual room entry scenarios and will include simulated injuries to officers.

**Bring both Patrol or tactical gear as well as PT gear. If you have blue guns (training weapons) or training barrels for your weapon please bring them. Please bring hand cuffs and any less than lethal training items you use in the day-to-day job. Also bring plenty of water, notebook and pen.***This course is for: Patrol officers, tactical unit officers, corrections officers, special units in the corrections dept., USCG VBSS, CBP, Border Patrol, probation officers, and any other law enforcement/military agencies where this material will be relevant.

Course Cost: 1 Seminar $50, 2 Seminars $75.

About the Instructor:

Head Instructor Alex Trafton shooting a glockAlex Trafton, current LEO, U.S. Director for Krav Maga International, Head Instructor Krav Maga Academy San Diego. US Operations Manager Global Media Risk, deploys to hostile environments/conflict zones to provide close protection for journalists and high profile clients. Former Instructor Xpert Security Israel, responsible for Krav Maga instruction for elite military units and PMC’s.  Krav Maga Expert, Gracie Jiu Jitsu law enforcement instructor, former amateur and professional boxer.

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