Krav Maga for the 21st Century

Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.

Krav Maga for the 21st Century

krav maga knee thrown into pad

Like all martial arts Krav Maga is plagued by orthodoxy, an untiring allegiance to how things used to be done. This leads to a sharp resistance to changes in the system. At Krav Maga Academy San Diego, we are bringing Krav Maga into the 21st Century.

The World’s First Mixed Martial Art

Krav Maga was the world’s first mixed martial art. It combined the best from other martail disciplines, including Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Karate, etc…, to create a well rounded self-defense system. With the passing of founder Imi Lichtenfeld, a gaggle of his students have claimed the mantle of leader of the system of Krav Maga. All of these men have different approaches and focus. One thing they have in common seems to be an obsession with how things were done in the past.

krav maga knee thrown into pad

In the 1990’s the UFC burst onto the martial arts scene. Initially it pitted different martial arts against each other in what was sometimes an absurd display. Over time the UFC and MMA in general progressed to show us that the most effective combatives system is one that effectively and seamlessly integrates disparate skill sets.

Change or Get Left Behind

Krav Maga was resistant to the rather obvious evidence on display in MMA. It eschewed sporting aspects and favored “street fighting” as its mantra. However the UFC and other MMA promotions provided a valuable crucible for testing martial arts skills. Krav Maga had the opportunity to learn from this and improve, however it did not, favoring tribalism and dogma.

Learn it all in One Place

Krav Maga Academy San Diego favors a mixed approach. Taking the effective principles based approach to violence from Krav Maga as well as effective techniques from disparate martial arts disciplines which have survived the crucible of daily pressure testing in combat. The result has been the most effective self-defense system anywhere in the world.

Kick Boxing class at Krav Maga Academy San Diego

Students at Krav Maga Academy San Diego need not rely on dogma or tired mantras about “street fighting”. Our curriculum teaches all aspects of fighting, from striking, to clinching, to take downs, to grappling. All the while remaining loyal to the ideology of Krav Maga which sees students apply these skills to problem solving scenarios where they face armed attackers, surprise attacks, and multiple attackers.


Krav Maga Academy San Diego has the most widely experienced instructor cadre of any Krav Maga gym on earth. Our students benefit from this as they are shown the most effective combatives techniques and are able to safely test them in realistic scenario training!

Demonstration of Krav Maga in San Diego

Join us for training and learn the most modern, effective, self-defense system on earth!

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