Combat Fitness

Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.


At Krav Maga Academy, we understand that your fitness is just as important as your combat training. If your conditioning is weak, you will not be able to stand and fight for very long.

As the best combat fitness class in San Diego, our one hour class is designed to push your cardio and conditioning. You will be training in power endurance as well as pure cardio workouts. This class will integrate intense striking routines with strength and resistance training to improve your fitness. The first week of every month is dedicated to benchmark workouts involving functional strength exercises, we will track your performance in these workouts to see how your fitness is improving over time.

This class is open to any skill and fitness level and will push you to achieve your best. Participants work together to motivate each other and achieve success. Contact us or sign up for a free class today!


Combat Fitness class San Diego

Combat Fitness Class working Beer Keg Burpees, Sledgehammers, and Kettlebells


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