Learn how to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible.

krav maga knee thrown into pad

Krav Maga for the 21st Century

Like all martial arts Krav Maga is plagued by orthodoxy, an untiring allegiance to how things used to be done. This leads to a sharp resistance to changes in the system. At Krav Maga Academy San Diego, we are bringing Krav Maga into the 21st Century.

“Military Style Training”: Is it Relevant?

Many Krav Maga schools boast that Krav Maga is a military system of self-defense. Many also say it is the system used by “Israeli Special Forces Units”. This seems to be a big selling point for many instructors and schools, they likely see it as a way of differentiating themselves in a market space more…
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Krav Maga: Fundamentals First!

At Krav Maga Academy San Diego, we believe in delivering the best Krav Maga in San Diego we believe in delivering a Krav Maga program that builds students from a sound foundation up. Many people see Krav Maga on the internet and see various techniques dealing with armed attackers as well as multiple attackers, techniques…
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boxing students punching heavy bags

Krav Maga: Safety in Training

A common problem I see in Krav Maga training in gyms around the world is a high rate of injury in students. This a SERIOUS failure of instructors and in my experience, there are a few causes.   Emphasis on going full power/speed: Many instructors believe that Krav Maga should rely exclusively on overwhelming aggression…
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Krav Maga Instructors: Character and Conduct

m from other Krav Maga gyms, both local and from around the country and world. I hear some of their experiences in Krav Maga with other instructors and I am truly shocked and disappointed. One common story I hear is instructors attempting to play the ‘tough guy’ role with their students. Stories have ranged from…
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Cold Steel, The Knife and Psychology in Self Defense

  As I look out at the landscape of self-defense and combatives training, I see one commonality among almost ALL systems and styles: Bad knife training. This goes for both offense and defense. This is largely because close range, lethal combat, is very uncommon on a large scale. This has been the case in military…
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Integrated Combat Systems – The Future of Combatives

As I have developed in my own training, a lot has become clear about what a modern combatives system should look like. Krav Maga was the first mixed martial art, but it hasn’t developed at the rate of modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This is unfortunate as it has had the opportunity to. However, the…
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Beware Sources of “Expertise”

When evaluating information of any kind, it behoves us to question the source of this information. As important as this is, it is a true rarity in any field. For those familiar with psychology and the cognitive biases, you will know the term “Confirmation Bias”. When we evaluate information, particularly new information, we have a…
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It’s Not What You Train, It’s How You Train

If you have ever spent any time on the internet in any forum where people discuss martial arts in a comparative fashion, you will have seen the endless arguments about which style is best for which situation. A major area of disagreement is over self defense or “street fighting”. The disagreement peaks here because of…
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Ranking in Krav Maga

  Rank progression is a common element of martial arts, and Krav Maga has a rank structure. Organizations differ on their approach and use of rank, and some use no rank. However the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde Or) used the Israeli Judo belt system as his ranking system for Krav Maga. In…
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